In The Event I Realize

Take this box with my heart in it

Say u will n I b committed

always running thru my mind some times wishing u will leave me b
realizing 1 day u will b more than a Fantasy
Love u constantly let me down with ease,even when i do it all 2 please I’m frustrated ready 2 leave!!, but if it wasn’t real love y is it calling me, my thoughts become clear 2 me
That love is my disease

Prince Dame

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drugs won’t define me .


nobody can honestly sit around and say that this lady  dosen’t have a GREAT talent. her voice and her songs just touch home every time. people doubt her because she is the only artist that is really out there with her drug problem. but honestly can people really be that stupid to let that blind them from GOOD MUSIC or does that no longer count because she does drugs just like half of these rappers that rap about slapping hoes & sex none stop.


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meet mr.McQueen . Alexander McQeen

this man by far was a outstanding designer. his clothes are like works of art in its self. he expressed through his clothes that his mind was never on the same level as the other designers thats is why his clothes will always be admired like they are today.

R.I.P . McQeen !.

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New Music


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WordPress Mobile

Optimizing The Lambo Experience

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Boy meets Girl .

Kanye West !. To me this man is fearless when it comes to fashion and his style. He went from wearing pink polos when he first came out, to a street meets preppy look, to wearing women blouses. In my eyes he is a role model for males who aren’t scared to step out the box and do their own thing. To each is own and to me a part of fashion and style is not having fears in standing out and no limits.

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Meek Mill – “Moment 4 Life”

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Hello World , This Is .. Lamborghini Dreams

K . Jean Claude

Prince Dame

Watch The Masters At Work …

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